FundaMedia is a Paligo Gold Partner, committed to helping our clients

Appointed as a Gold Partner reseller in 2015, we are the first sales partner of Paligo, and have worked with clients in a range of industries to help them decide on the best investment in Paligo to meet their needs.

With Paligo you're able to tap into the power of topic-based authoring all within one Cloud log-in. Paligo is platform-independent. Whatever the size of your team, let FundaMedia guide you through a trial of this exciting system so that you can discover the dramatic potential to better manage your content while saving on costs, particularly if you need to support multiple languages.

Paligo is browser-independent

How do you benefit from investing in Paligo through us?

  • With over 15 years of experience supporting clients in component content management, FundaMedia understands the benefits of implementing a topic-based authoring system.
  • Our clients are important to us, and the relationship we develop during the sales and training phases usually continues so that we're able to quickly respond to user queries and to give advice based on a solid understanding of their content system.
  • From the start of your 30-day trial of Paligo we work closely with you to help you navigate through the early stages of getting to know Paligo, and this knowledge of your content and your business needs helps determine the customized training that we provide. Contact us to learn what we can do for you.
  • Training can be delivered on site or online, with the sessions scheduled to best meet your team's needs. Paligo themselves have contracted FundaMedia on occasions to conduct training for their own clients. If you need help we can be there for you!
  • We don't just sell you a system: we put together a complete solution for your organization, including the system, training and support, designed to help you succeed.
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