Our 7-Step System Helps You Get Up And Running!

Our 7-step system for setting up an effective component content management system (CCMS) that maximizes efficiencies and reduces costs:

  1. Meet with you to determine your content needs, current "pain points" and learn about your business objectives.
  2. Set up the evaluation of the recommended system, and meet with you weekly during the 30-day period to review progress and answer any questions. (In the case of Author-it this will require the cooperation of Author-it Software Corporation to set up the trial.)
  3. Analyze representative samples of your existing content to determine an import strategy and configuration options to achieve the desired output formats (multi-channel publishing).
  4. After a successful trial and a purchase decision, we work with our Partner to implement the system in order to meet your objectives.
  5. Conduct effective training of the users, configure the required stylesheets / templates and, optionally, import existing content in order to maximize your productivity in the new system.
  6. Conduct a Knowledge Workshop for the transfer of skills for stylesheet / template design and database configuration.
  7. Meet with you on a quarterly basis during the first year to review progress and give constructive "best practice" advice on the structure of the database and use of components.