What's new in Paligo?

In the past few years we've noticed user software move from the desktop to the Cloud. Paligo is a true Cloud system and as such it's easy for the technical guys behind Paligo's success to implement updates and new features. Paligo's done this quite regularly in recent months, thereby ensuring that the software meets the needs of it users and maintains a fresh, modern feel.

Here's what has been released recently …

  • New HTML5 "Help Center" Output
  • This new layout from Paligo provides you with a whole new responsive web Help-type layout. Don't let your help systems appear "tired": using Paligo you can publish the same content to this new output and make it look fresh and up-to-date again, particularly when you make use of the ability to customize this particular layout.

    There's much more to the new Help Center layout …

    Rich content glossary popovers
    Remember the old, tired glossaries that have text and little else? Now you can add glossary terms that automatically link to the glossary and show the definition immediately when you hover over them. That's not all: these terms now support rich HTML, enabling you to display images, tables, text -- and more. They look great.
    There's full support for multilingual portals
    Paligo easily handles translation into as many languages as you need, and this power is also available when publishing help portals that need to support multiple languages
    There is more yet …
    There's much more to the Help Center output, including global site search, the ability to have special "featured content" sections (great for a "what's new" section), top navigation and more that you'll find in the Paligo Help (or ask us. Also the site does not reload the full page every time you move to a new topic: it just loads the new or changed parts. Clever!)
  • Paligo supports publishing to Word
  • For those who have a real need to publish to Word (some organizations like to provide their clients with Word copies of documentation so that they can customize the Word file to meet their particular needs), Paligo now enables you to publish a professional, properly styled and formatted Word document. Bear in mind that this is a one-way process: it is not intended that you edit or mark up the Word output with a view to later updating the Paligo content.

  • Support for eLearning systems
  • Many organizations are relying more on short eLearning courses to keep their teams up-to-speed with developments. Paligo now makes it easy for these users to support a Learning Management System (LMS) by publishing to SCORM. This output can then be imported into most LMS's.

There's still more:let us tell you more about the features and how we can help you benefit from using them now.


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