FundaMedia: our experience will help you …

FundaMedia was founded in South Africa by Mike Levey in 1994 to develop custom simulations of software systems for training.
(The word "funda" means learning in several Southern African languages.) Learn more about Mike's background here.
Projects were undertaken for clients in a range of industries, including financial, insurance, manufacturing and retail. Our goal is to be your partner of choice for implementing an effective content management system.

In 2000 Mike Levey moved the company to Canada and undertook projects in the energy sector, while transitioning the business into the technical communications field, partnering with a wide range of clients in all sectors to help them with their single-source content management needs. FundaMedia became a reseller of Author-it in 2001 and continues to provide full support to clients in the field of single source content management, including training, content conversion and custom development of publication layouts.

By partnering with both Author-it and Paligo, we are able to offer our clients the best component content management systems (CCMS), available either on premises (where you provide the required hardware and infrastructure) or in the Cloud, using practically any operating system of your choice to access the content via a browser.

Mike was appointed an Author-it Certified Consultant in 2003 (one of the first to achieve that prestigious title) and has continued to develop and extend his skills while helping clients around the world maximize their investment in Author-it. Over the years Mike has been contracted by Author-it and (more recently) by Paligo to provide consulting in training or development to their own clients.

Through FundaMedia, Mike is able to offer clients the benefits of his wide experience in working with organizations around the globe to help them implement and fine-tune effective content management systems to meet their business goals.

Check out Mike's LinkedIn profile where you can read some of the much appreciated comments from clients after they had benefited from Mike's assistance in providing either Author-it or Paligo services.