Earn money through our exciting Referral Program!

We love what we do, and have great solutions and services for our clients.
Many of our happy clients make an effort to tell us just what a great job we've done, and how their organization has benefited through the investment in the solutions we offer. It's always great to hear such feedback, and now you have a chance to tell others! What's more, we'll even reward you with 5% of the total initial sale value.

We'd love to welcome you on board our program: contact us today with your first referral.


Here's how the program works:

  • you talk to a prospect or business associate and tell them of our solutions and/or services.
    • you get the consent of that prospect for us to contact them to learn more about their requirements
    • you then get their contact details (phone number, email address) and tell them you'll ask us to make contact
    • you then contact us and enter the prospect's relevant details in the "Comments" section of the form. Provide any other useful information that you can.
    • we will confirm receipt of your referral, and issue a referral number. This number is tied to the new prospect.
  • we get in touch with the prospect, and tell them that we were referred by you. We then start the sales cycle with them.
  • we communicate with you at that point to let you know we have contacted the lead.
  • within a period of nine months of our initial contact with the lead, any sales by FundaMedia to that prospect will earn you 5% of the value of sales to that client! So, if the prospect invests, say, $25,000 in the solution and services that we recommend, you earn $1,250. Now that's a pretty good appreciation gift for the introduction, don't you think?
  • once we have received payment from the new client, we forward the reward for the referral to you. (If you prefer instead that we make a donation in your name to your favourite charity, we can do that too.)

Important "fine print" details:

  1. To ensure that the referral program remains completely ethical, we cannot accept referrals to colleagues or anyone in your company, or within an affiliate company (such as a parent company or subsidiary).
  2. If two people refer the same lead (or organization) to us, the referral we receive first is the one that will be associated with that lead. Only one referral to an organization is accepted.
  3. In the event that the referred organization purchases directly from a supplier (partner) of FundaMedia, no referral fee can be paid, since no sale would have resulted to FundaMedia.
  4. To refer a lead, the referrer does not need to have been a client (or have worked for an organization that is a client) of FundaMedia.
  5. We reserve the right to amend the details of the referral program at any time: however, any referrals in the system up to that point will not be affected.